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How Social Xccess helped a Texas counselor revamp its website and SEO in 90 days

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Company Overview

Be Well Counseling PLLC is committed to helping Texans feel better and find solutions that work best for them. It provides compassionate care to address your emotional, career, and relationship needs. Its team of therapists, relationship counselors, and career counselors specialize in counseling for managing anxiety or depression, coping with chronic illness, emotional eating, recovery from an eating disorder, improving your relationships, choosing or changing careers, and coping with life transitions.

It is their belief that people can, and do, overcome the obstacles that they’re confronted with. Be Well Counseling PLLC also believes that we all have unique gifts that we bring to the world and that everyone benefits when we can express these gifts authentically and share them with others.


When Be Well Counseling PLLC first approached Social Xccess it needed a new website to better service its existing patients and attract more Texans in need of counseling and psychological services. The Plano, Texas office of counselors needed to create a new website that effectively told its brand story and communicated all of its service offerings. As part of their growth strategy, Social Xccess migrated the website to WordPress and optimized all landing pages and blog posts for SEO as well as significantly increasing the firm’s site’s speed. To ensure they could meet their ambitious growth objectives, they needed a digital marketing agency that had extensive experience generating leads and developing new content for counselors and counseling services.

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Revamped Website Optimized for SEO

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165 Listings Created