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The Council for Inclusion


Financial Services Organization Partners with Social Xccess for Full Service Marketing Consulting Project

The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services team came to Social Xccess with a vision of a more mindful world, an organization in the early, early stages of development, and a desire to establish a following of individuals who were interested in the future of the financial services industry. With it’s 1st annual conference a full year out, dozens of competing events and solutions, and the general everyday distractions their audience faced online, our client struggled with how to establish a built-in audience that would be receptive to it’s solutions when they became available. The CIFS needed to find a way to break through the noise.

The Strategy

At it’s inception, the CIFS wasn’t “the CIFS.” Prior to launch, we needed to create branding and collateral from scratch, distinguish it from its competitors, and establish a base audience. To do so, we created a three-phase strategy: Pre-Launch, where we focused on branding, website development and social media strategy; Beta Launch, in which we utilized social media campaigns to grow the CIFS audience and establish an active community; and Launch, where we encouraged users to register for the sourcing portal and the client's annual conference.


Once we had branding and a viable software solution in production, we needed to implement a strategy for reaching our target audience and getting them to join the CIFS community. We focused our attention on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, combining paid and organic, grassroots campaigns to build the CIFS' audience, with the annual conference at its core.


  • +78.52% sessions
  • +67.86% average session duration
  • +86.32% pageviews
  • -47.75% bounce rate
  • +63.45% pages per session
  • +49.32% conference attendance

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