How to Set Up Drip Campaigns

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Over here, we’re convinced that there’s nothing quite as powerful as excellent email marketing — and that’s where drip campaigns come into play. Drip campaigns, or emails that continually send to determined, strategic audiences, can take on a number of roles… from welcoming in a new audience to selling something to an existing one. By setting up a really great drip campaign, you’re setting up a passive stream of income and excellence — and there’s nothing better than that.

Wondering how to set up great drip campaigns in your business? Here are our favorite, go-to methods.

1. Decide your drip.

One of the best things about drip campaigns is that they can take a huge variety of forms, all of which can be incredibly impactful if done right. From sales sequences to marketing campaigns to nurture sequences, you have tons of options to choose from for your drips. Need a little inspiration? Here are some of our favorite drip campaign methods:

  • A welcome sequence for new website visitors
  • A lead magnet-centric welcome sequence, spurred from an ad or download
  • An ongoing nurture campaign
  • A sales sequence in prep for a launch
  • A nurturing sales sequence 
  • An open cart/still-in-cart drip campaign
  • A win-back campaign for returners or unsubscribers
  • Upsell marketing campaigns
  • Urgent, limited offer sales campaigns

2. Map out a strategy.

The difference between a great drip campaign and a so-so drip campaign lies in the strategy — which means that mapping out your campaign is exactly what will help you build out a conversion-friendly one. When it comes to deciding on a drip campaign, we recommend the old-school method: map it out with pen and paper. 

See, each drip campaign should start with a goal and end with a finished one, right? By deciding on the goal at the entrance of your drip, you can break up your goal itself into smaller pieces with each drip email you send out. And, as you move through your drip campaign strategy’s blueprint, make note of different calls to action and links you can include to help your goal come true.

3. Automate appropriately.

Drip campaigns are called drip campaigns for one reason — because they drip. To drip effectively, you’ll need to find automation software to do the job for you. After all, you can’t send out drip emails by hand! When you set up automatic drip campaigns well, it’s essentially as powerful as hiring a new team member. The right automation can completely and totally transform your strategy, and is an absolute must for drip campaigns.

Whether you need marketing automation or top-tier strategy, our Social Xccess team is here for you. Inquire with us today, and we’ll work together to create something incredible.

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