Marketing Automation Consulting

Pardot, Hubspot, and other inbound marketing automation platforms are the hottest thing in B2B and B2C marketing for business of all sizes.

Transform Your Marketing Processes

Social Xccess makes marketing automation services and software affordable and accessible to companies that provide mortgage and financial services.

Marketing automation platforms enable companies to automate “drip” email campaigns, lead nurturing, dynamic content delivery, analytics, and multi-system integration – and much more. The problem is, there’s one downside to B2B marketing automation software – and it’s a pretty big one. The platforms are extremely expensive, with monthly, sometimes annual licenses often running into the thousands. And for that, all you get is a license to use a tool – not the content, logic, and support you need to get the best results.

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What is marketing automation and why is it important?

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If you are struggling to keep up with marketing activities and tasks or if you are tired of throwing money away on advertising and marketing efforts that don’t yield results, then you will probably benefit from marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a software or system that can help companies automate ongoing tasks, like emails, updating contact information, social media posts and other website actions.

Since many small and medium-sized businesses are seeing the convincing results of marketing automation, this field is growing at an alarming rate. In fact, about half of the companies today are currently using a marketing automation software or system. More than 50% of B2B businesses are utilizing marketing automation technology.

By adopting marketing automation, you can manage, organize, and prioritize marketing tasks more efficiently. Marketing automation has been proven to positively influence the sales process, helping companies to reach thier goals much faster.

Let Social Xccess be your marketing automation partner

We are a marketing automation agency that works with small and medium-sized businesses to create goal-based campaigns using Pardot or Eloqua to boost lead generation and streamline your advertising and marketing efforts.

We focus on the behavior, interests, and needs of your prospective buyers to boost conversion rates and improve their experience with your brand. Our primary goal is to stop businesses from wasting their advertising and marketing dollars and focus on improving the channels that generate the most leads and sales opportunities.

You know your customers, and we know how to reach them. By parterning with you to get to know your customers, Social Xccess can put our marketing automation expertise to work. We can help your business with the following:

  • Define a solid content marketing strategy that is aligned with your customer personas
  • Generate and improve qualified lead flow
  • Define a marketing strategy that is aligned with your business goals
  • Streamline marketing and sales activities and strategies
  • Design and develop a lead nurturing strategy that appeals to your ideal customers
  • Study customer behavior
  • Track leads through each marketing channel
  • Create effective landing pages that are designed to turn traffic into qualified leads
  • Communicate your brand and messaging via the appropriate channels
  • Track results and improve return on marketing investment results

By taking advantage of our marketing automation services, you will not only save time by streamlining the work behind-the-scenes, but you’ll also save money on the marketing activities that aren’t generating qualified leads. Social Xccess also offers interest-free financing for Salesforce and Pardot that allows you to pay monthly, even though Salesforce only offers annual contracts.

Make marketing automation really work for your business by teaming up with Social Xccess. Contact us today to learn more.