Why Online Advertising Should Be Your Next Step

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These days, running a business has more moving parts than ever before. From onboarding new team members to trying out new platforms to showing up on social media, there’s a lot to do… all the time. We get it. But, there’s one thing to add to your plate that might just elevate your entire business from the ground up. We promise.

What is it, you ask? Online advertising.

Here’s the thing: digital marketing and online advertising are the new gold standard for businesses across the globe. If you’re not investing in and trying out online advertising strategies, you may be seriously missing out on income and opportunities in your business. Plus, implementing online advertising isn’t super difficult! From working with expert teams like us to simply trying out social media ads, you can do it well and quickly. Wondering why you should start?

It’s simple: paper advertising is outdated.

A few years ago, paper advertising was where it was at. Whether it was a grocery store flyer or a newspaper ad or a mailer, paper advertising was the it girl of the marketing world. And, don’t get us wrong here — paper advertising still does have its place. While it can be effective in some ways, most businesses can really benefit from a digital strategy. However, as a whole, it’s a relatively outdated form of advertising. 

Benefits of online advertising

By switching to a bigger online advertising focus, you can really stretch your dollars and reach more people. From a lower cost as a whole to the ability to tweak throughout, online advertising has a lot of benefits that paper advertising does not. Here are a few:

  • Online advertising is less expensive: Online advertising doesn’t require you to order reams of cardstock or place massive orders of tangible materials — and that, in turn, makes it considerably cheaper than online advertising. Plus, there are a ton of forms of online advertising (especially Pay-Per-Click Advertising) that allow you to essentially pay as you go.
  • Online advertising is considerably more customizable: When you’re advertising with other methods (like paper and billboards and radio ads), you’re essentially casting a wide net and seeing what sticks. However, online advertising allows you to get detailed with your targeting to reach highly specific audiences. You can also tweak your ad campaigns as you go if they’re not meeting goals on time.
  • Online advertising is FUN: Online advertising is such an exciting, engaging place to try new things. There are always new platforms (helllloooo, TikTok!) to test out, and there are always new changes and new challenges to explore, too. 

If you’re ready to start implementing incredible online advertising strategies into your business, you’re in the right place. Our Social Xccess team is made up of digital marketing experts, and we’re waiting with open arms to help you transform your strategy.

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