Google PPC Advertising

Increase Brand Awareness with Google PPC Advertising

Only Pay When You Get a New Lead From Your Google Ads

Similar to webinars and social media, pay-per-conversion (PPC) advertising is the new way to get customers to your business but you only pay when visitors turn into leads by calling, submitting forms, or registering for events.

If your ad is clicked but the visitor doesn’t convert into a lead by taking the action you want then you are not charged. You only pay when someone completes the goal you set.

  • Increase Traffic Quickly
  • Rank #1 on Google and Bing
  • Discover Cost Per Customer
  • Only Spend What You Need
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Why Companies Choose Social Xccess for Search Engine Marketing Services

We will develop and manage your PPC advertising campaigns using industry best practices. Managing a Google or Bing Ads account is complex and requires daily tuning and reporting to determine if your ads are running correctly and getting the audience you need. A Pay per Conversion campaign requires experience and knowledge to make sure your advertising is getting the marketing results you are looking for. Managing any advertising platform takes time to be effective and get the traffic you need based on your advertising.

Our No-Nonsense PPC Advertising Process

Our comprehensive advertising strategy ensures a perfectly crafted PPC campaign for your business.
Step #1

The Discovery Phase

We understand and prioritize our customers’ needs and wants. Social Xccess will help you establish your goals in the most practical and effective ways.

Step #2

Bringing your Vision to Life

We provide you with a strategy and roadmap so you can visualize your advertising campaign’s final cost. Our customer service team is ready to take your advertising by the reins and help you connect with customers searching for your products and/or services.

Step #3


The final design is checked by our SEO experts and our partners over at Google before we present any campaigns and other recommendations. Only once our customers are totally satisfied and our design matches their exact vision, is when we start the demand generation process.

Search Engine Advertising and SEO go hand-in-hand

Search engine optimization is the process by which we optimize our customers’ web pages through various methods in order for search engines to favor their website in search engine results.

A great SEO strategy can improve your businesses’ visibility and generate more online traffic (and foot traffic with local SEO), to your business almost immediately.

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