The 3 Things You Need On Your Website’s Homepage

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The 3 Things You Need On Your Website’s Homepage

When it comes to designing your business website, there are probably a million things to do on your list. From updating your meta tags all the way to getting new photography, it can be pretty hard to keep your priorities straight — especially when it seems like there’s so much to do. However, your website design is really more foundational than you may think. While you can keep tweaking and updating a lot of your pages as time goes on, the key to launching an efficient, effective website really comes down to your homepage.

If you really think about it, it makes sense. Your homepage acts as the visual business card to the rest of your website, and is typically what will encourage — or discourage — people from clicking through to other pages and website features. Our best advice? To focus on your homepage first, no matter what. After all, it’s more simple than you might think. Here are the 3 things you need on your website’s homepage, no matter what:

  1. An eye-catching value proposition that clearly explains what you do and why you do it.

When someone lands on your website, it should be immediately obvious to them what you do — and that comes down to your homepage. People don’t want to click around trying to find out what your business does, and the possibility of them having to do that is what will encourage them to click off… and fast. Your job? Work to define your business using a quippy, short headline that explains your business’s “why?’ and “what?” and then expand upon it with an additional subheadline below.

  1. Calls to action that *actually* call your audience to action.

The main goal of your homepage — besides explaining your business — is to encourage people to keep clicking around. To make sure that they want to, make it easy with multiple calls to action that give your audience a framework. From a “schedule a call” button that links to your contact page all the way to a “learn more” button that links to your about page, design your homepage in a manner that persuades your audience to continue their visit.

  1. Clear navigation that points to contact methods.

Have you ever visited a website, only to be super confused (and annoyed) when it came to finding actual contact information? We definitely have — and you don’t want your website to be the same way. Take the time to define clear navigation on your website that makes it super obvious to your audience, and consider adding an additional contact method or contact box onto your homepage itself. 

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