The Importance of Advertising Online in 2021

Why Businesses Need to Advertise Online

When you think of advertising, you may think of things like billboards, newspaper ads, and radio commercials — and, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, in 2021, we’re lucky enough to have much more effective advertising opportunities… and they’re all online. If you use digital advertising in your business, you can hone in on a better target audience, reach more people, and market your business without massive budgets and hard-to-measure efforts. 

Wondering why advertising online is so important, especially in the digital age we live in? From improving your reach all the way to making the most of your ad spend, there are ton of reasons. Here are 5 of our favorite things about online advertising, as well as why we recommend it so much to our clients here at Social Xccess:

1. You can ensure you’re targeting the right people to your brand.

One of the most powerful parts of online advertising is that you can effectively target and attract the right customers to your business, and it doesn’t require years of research and experience to do so. There are a ton of online platforms (think: Facebook ads) that have built in targeting features, and you can also choose to strategize your advertising based on your ideal customer’s interests and behaviors. The ability to do this is incredibly powerful, and it just isn’t possible in more traditional forms of advertising. Plus, the best ROI you can ask for with advertising is to ensure that your advertising is actually finding the right people — and online advertising can help to get you there.

2. Online advertising points people to your website.

In 2021, it would make sense that the biggest digital marketing result you’d want is for people to visit your website in order to learn more about you and your business. And, while things like SEO and social media can help spur more website visitors, there’s nothing quite like the power of an effective online advertising campaign to point as many people as possible to that site of yours. Whether your advertising efforts bring people to a dedicated landing page or attract them to the services page on your website is up to you — but it’s a great way to control your traffic and attract additional visitors.

3. You can segment your audience.

While traditional advertising methods usually involve casting a wide net, digital advertising methods allow you to divide your audience into different groups and segments — which is a huge advantage. For instance, you may want to advertise a 1:1 service to some of your audience, while you may want to advertise a product to another segment of your audience. Online advertising allows you to define different audiences for each campaign, giving you way more freedom and flexibility — and way more bang for your buck.

4. Online advertising is instantly trackable and measurable.

Data is definitely essential to measuring an ad campaign, and online advertising makes that data collection incredibly simple and easy. While traditional advertising (think: a TV commercial) can still be effective, it takes a much longer time to measure ROI and see what’s working (and what’s not). However, online advertising gives you the ability to track clicks, adjust creative, measure conversions, and so much more. By tracking and measuring as you go, you can optimize your budget and ensure that you’re actually spending money for a reason.

5. You can continually switch up your strategy to keep it fresh.

One of the most exciting things about being an entrepreneur in the digital age is that you can easily and quickly update everything from your graphics to your website copy on a moment’s notice — and that goes for online advertising, too! When you build out an online advertising strategy, you can continually adjust, update, and freshen it up at will — which keeps your audience engaged and keeps you excited. In a world where boredom can pretty quickly start to affect sales, online advertising helps you keep your head above the water.

At Social Xccess, we’re experts when it comes to online advertising that converts — and we love helping clients build out and implement strategies that benefit their businesses and their brands long-term. Looking to start implementing online advertising strategies in your business today? Get in touch with us.