What’s Fluffy Marketing? (and How to Avoid It)

Marketing can be the absolute biggest game changer in your business — or it can be the absolute biggest waste of time in your business. Wondering what we mean? It’s all in fluffy marketing… or in strategic marketing.

See, real and impactful marketing involves data, research, and strategy to make a difference. Fluffy marketing, though? Not so much. Fluffy marketing might look great on paper or on the web, but “look great” is really about all it is. Fluffy marketing involves pretty graphics and catchy slogans with no data or research behind it — and you should avoid fluffy marketing in your business at all costs. 

Here’s how:

1. Consider your end goal first… always.

Real, impactful marketing always, always has an end goal in mind — while fluffy marketing approaches things without an end goal in mind. Your job? To make sure that all of your marketing efforts will somehow and in some way push the needle in your business. Here’s how to make sure you’re always thinking end goal first:

  • Draw out a map for each business goal you have and consider where your marketing efforts will start coming into play.
  • When you have a marketing idea for your business, go for it! But, first, write down at least three things your marketing idea can help you achieve.
  • Make a list of things you know your audience likes, and factor that into your end goal. How can your marketing efforts help you get there?

2. Involve data in your decisions.

Marketing can make a huge difference when it involves data, which is why collecting data is the best thing you can do when it comes to marketing. It’s simple, really — paying attention can create the biggest impact in your marketing. Wondering how to start collecting data? Consider these:

  • Connect your site to Google Analytics.
  • Utilize the analytics portion of your website.
  • Survey your audience.
  • Collect testimonials, and also include a private feedback section.
  • Do in-depth research to properly target your audience.

3. Don’t ever make a decision without measurability.

One of the biggest problems with fluffy marketing is that it’s impossible to measure its impact — or lack of it. The easiest way to stop this in its tracks is by keeping measurability at the top of mind in your marketing efforts. Ensure that all of your marketing decisions involve the options for measurability that they can, whether it’s through measuring click rates and social media engagement or through more concrete ways like revenue. Either way, measure it — and then tweak your strategy accordingly.

Looking to make measurable, data-driven marketing decisions in your business to move the needle and create some magic? That’s where our team comes in. Contact us today.