Why Your Brand Needs a Personality (and How to Give it One)

Why Your Brand Needs a Personality (and How to Give it One)

Long gone are the days of boring brands and businesses — especially when it comes to capturing younger audiences. While business might seem like a strictly serious thing, that’s not how it has to be — and, even brands and businesses with serious, scientific, and educational value propositions need a personality.

Wondering what we mean by this?

No matter what realm your business is in, your goal is likely to reach people. Whether your business involves selling mortgage products, licensing surgical technology, or making lemonade, it’s your job to define a brand voice and personality that connects.

Does that mean that your business needs a personality that’s sassy and funny? Absolutely not. Many businesses don’t have sassy or funny missions (we don’t), and that’s okay! However, your brand *does* need a personality that helps it connect with its target audience and sell a product or service to the right people.

What is a brand personality?

A brand personality involves all of the little details that give your brand a voice — from a messaging strategy to brand colors to logo design and everything in between. Ideally, your target customer should be able to look at your brand and be able to see a personality emanate from it. The easiest way to define it? To choose three personality words that you believe define your brand and business.

Here are some big examples that might help:

  • Google: Educational, smart, inquisitive
  • Disney: Inspiring, fun, wholesome
  • Apple: Sophisticated, streamlined, high-tech
  • Jeep: Adventurous, rugged, high-quality
  • Rolex: Luxe, timeless, expensive
  • Nike: Active, motivational, inspirational

How to express your brand personality

Once you’ve decided on your brand’s personality words (let us know — we want to hear ‘em!), you can start to enmesh them into every other detail of your brand. When you focus on bringing that personality into every level of your brand, your relationship-building and brand recognition will skyrocket… and it works. From your website copy and social media messaging to your logo design and your brand colors, build your brand around those three words — that brand personality — and watch the magic start to happen. 

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