5 Tips to Optimize Your Site for Lead Conversions

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Whether you’re a business owner or a customer, one thing is always important on a business site: the ability to gather information and make sales. When it comes to lead conversion strategies that work, you’ll want to optimize your site in ways that encourage your site visitors to make purchases and create methods to help you collect their information.

As lead generation specialists, we’re experts at optimizing sites to make you money and get you customers. Here are 5 of our go-to tips to optimize your site for lead conversions:

1. Offer an opt-in box or CTA on each page.

Nothing is more frustrating as a customer than wanting to make a purchase or discover more information, only to find that they can’t figure out how. Your job as a business owner? To ensure that each and every page on your site includes a purchase button, a call to action, or an opt-in box to encourage email list sign-ups. By giving your customers an easy way to find you, you make it much simpler on yourself to gather leads that can turn into money — and that’s exactly what you want.

2. Use clear, concise copy.

The quickest way to alienate and confuse your customers is by having a poorly written site. In order to optimize your site for lead conversion, you need to ensure that what you do or sell is instantly clear. Your site visitors aren’t going to read in between the lines to attempt to understand your mission — so ensure that you have simple, well-written, customer-first copy that gets straight to the point and does so well.

3. Include a content strategy.

Content strategies are a huge part of creating an effective business in the digital space, as they do everything from boosting your reputation as an expert to increasing your site’s SEO relevance. Whether you decide on blog content, video content, or user-generated content, it doesn’t matter — just make sure that there is a content arm on your site that is updated (with relevance) regularly.

4. Make sure your site is destination friendly.

These days, your average website visitor or customer visits sites on computers, tablets, and phones. In fact, your average site visitor might even use all 3 options on any given day — and that’s not unique. Don’t design your site with the mindset that everyone is visiting from a desktop, but instead ensure that your site is destination friendly for each and every person that clicks. While this is important for your SEO, it’s also vital to collect leads in your business.

5. Use your data to make smart business decisions. 

From Squarespace to WordPress to Wix, there’s a great chance that your site platform makes it possible for you to get an insider glimpse into your customer’s activity. Pay attention to your customer behavior and use it in order to discover what your customer likes, what they dislike, and what’s encouraging them to take a click. By being strategic, you can quickly increase lead generation.

At Social Xccess, we know exactly how to optimize sites to boost lead conversions and make you sales. With digital marketing expertise at our fingertips, we’ll be able to make you money… and leads. Let’s set up a call today.

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