Adding GIFs to Your Marketing: Helpful or Hurtful?

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As a digital marketing agency, we get a lot of questions about marketing strategy… of course! And, we absolutely love it. After all, what on earth is better than getting to help people build and design really effective strategies that help them grow their businesses? The. Best. Recently, though, we got a question that we wanted to dig into:

“Is adding GIFs to my marketing helpful or hurtful?”

This question was a pretty intense reminder to each of us over here that people really do tend to focus on the little things in marketing, even though the big things are often the most impactful. Marketing is a constantly, constantly evolving field, and there are tons of schools of thought around so-called ~professional~ marketing and so-called ~laidback~ marketing.

So, here’s our answer for you: marketing is not one-size-fits-all

What this means, you ask? That you don’t have to fit your marketing inside of a box. You don’t have to focus on anything that you don’t want to in your marketing efforts… promise. Adding GIFs into your marketing is neither helpful or hurtful — it’s just there! And, they can be a super fun way to add some personality to your brand… if you want to. 

So, next time you’re wanting to try out something new in your marketing (like GIFs!), ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this on brand for my business?
  • Does this marketing technique make me excited?
  • How can I implement this in more than one way in my campaigns?
  • What’s an example of a business who utilizes this well?

Here’s the thing…

Some people love to lean on outdated marketing tactics that involve nothing more than a print ad campaign and old-school graphic design, right? And, some people love to lean on super innovative marketing tactics too, right?

Right. And neither of them are wrong! Instead of trying to do the “right” thing all the time when it comes to your marketing strategies, we recommend leaning into what makes you excited, whether that’s adding GIFs into your marketing or trying out a mailer campaign.

After all, that’s what makes marketing FUN. And, when marketing is fun, it’s a heck of a lot more impactful.

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