The Key to High Email Open Rates

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When it comes to digital marketing, there are really few things quite as effective — or as important — as an email list. After all, emails manage to create a personalized, intimate method of communication with a ton of people, and they have a unique ability to feel tailored to anyone. The highly tailored method of email also lets you invest a ton of marketing potential into each one you send, whether you’re segmenting a new customer list or re-targeting people who have purchased from you in the past.

It’s the coolest.

But, here’s the deal: for emails to be effective, they have to be opened… and they have to be opened a lot. We call this the email open rate, or the percentage of people who receive and then open a marketing email. When we’re digging into marketing strategy with clients, we usually get a ton of questions around raising email open rates, and we have you covered. Here are our 3 keys to high email open rates.

1. An engaged list.

First things first to ensuring high email open rates is having a regularly nurtured and engaged email list. What this means is that you don’t want to send an email once every six months or so and hope for high open rates. Instead, you need to regularly provide value and messaging to your list! See, when people are used to seeing your emails (and opening them), they’re much more likely to continue opening them. However, when people aren’t used to seeing you in their inboxes, they’re much more likely to unsubscribe at a random message. 

There are a few ways we recommend keeping your list engaged, but our favorite is by implementing a nurture sequence into your email provider. This means that you’ll build out valuable emails in advance and have them drip into your audience’s inboxes as time goes on. You can always try out a weekly, monthly, or quarterly email newsletter, too!

2. A snappy subject line.

Next up on the high open email rate chain? Snappy subject lines, all the way. By crafting clever subject lines that are highly engaging, you can create a pattern that leads to those higher open rates! We recommend using action verbs like “open up” or “find inside” within the subject line text, and we’re also big fans of utilizing the preview text function, or the additional line of text you see when opening an email. However, no matter what, keep your subject lines short and punchy. The most important thing is to pack a ton of intrigue into as few characters as possible.

3. A value-packed email.

If you have an email account — which we’d bet you do — you know that there’s absolutely nothing as annoying as opening an email only to find a pointless message inside. And, odds are, any emails like that will encourage you to never open another one from that brand again. Your job, then? To pack your emails with tons of value, each and every time you send them. When you can get in the habit of those valuable emails, it’s much more likely for you to obtain high email open rates.

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