Espresso Magic

How Social Xccess helped an Office Coffee Provider create a modern website and generate qualified leads in the Dallas area

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Company Overview

Espresso Magic supplies a Super Automatic Espresso Machine for the office for FREE. Your business will enjoy fresh, organic and ethically sourced coffee, everyday. The free of charge installation and no hassle plans mean Espresso Magic can get your office up and running in next to no time.

Espresso Magic believes the break room is more than just beverages and snacks. Its goal is to create an exciting, unifying space where employees can connect and recharge. The Espresso Magic team is passionate about helping you create moments that your colleagues will savor, and a positive, productive energy that spreads throughout your workplace.


When Espresso Magic first approached Social Xccess, it needed a website and search engine presence to attract local offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company needed to create a modern website that would appeal to businesses in North Texas. To ensure they could meet their growth objectives, they needed a digital marketing agency that had extensive experience in web design and local SEO.

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172% Increase in Lead Conversions

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34% Increase in Website Visitors

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58% Increase in Organic Website Traffic