How Digital Advertising & Marketing Work Together

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In today’s business world, the digital platform that keeps life spinning offers a ton of opportunities for everything from marketing to advertising — and, learning to use both efficiently is exactly how you can scale a business the right way.  See, marketing and advertising really do go together like eggs and bacon. Without one, the other can’t be as successful as possible — and, while marketing and advertising are both powerful on their own, using them together can really make a massive difference.

Wondering how digital advertising and marketing work together, and wondering how you can use them both to make moves in business? Here’s what you need to know.

Digital advertising vs. digital marketing

Digital advertising and digital marketing, while similar, aren’t the same thing. See, digital advertising uses digital platforms (think: Google search engines, social media, etc.) to reach potential customers. Digital marketing uses digital platforms (think: social media, websites, etc.) to reach potential customers. While digital advertising is usually paid and digital marketing, at its core, is organic, the two of them can inform each other a lot. When you can use them both together, you can really and truly help scale a business. When you use them both separately, you can scale a business — but not even at same to the close speed. 

The overlap between these two is huge — especially since digital advertising can make up a huge piece of digital marketing as a whole, and vice versa. A truly effective digital strategy for any brand or business involves using both sides of the table, and by leveraging them both you can really increase your bottom line.

Using digital advertising & marketing together

Using digital advertising and marketing together is way easier than you think. In fact, it’s really and truly intuitive. While you may not think of your marketing strategies as equal parts “marketing” and advertising, they likely are. Here are a few of our favorite ways to combine advertising and marketing:

  • Combine a social media content strategy with paid social media advertising
  • Improve your website SEO, and then boost it with search engine/PPC advertising
  • Create a business brand guide (colors, fonts, etc.), that you use in all collateral, whether marketing or paid advertisement
  • Use content marketing (blogs, emails, etc.), to organically build traffic to your website — and then utilize that content to build out ads
  • Build an email marketing strategy, and advertise to your segmented list
  • Create marketing videos for your business, and then advertise them on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to increase engagement

At Social Xccess, our job is to combine the very best of both worlds — digital advertising and digital marketing. Whether you’re looking for well-tailored web design, strategic PPC advertising or something in between, we can help. Contact us today.

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