How PPC Advertising Works

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Digital advertising is one of the best things to come from the digital age for business owners and entrepreneurs, and for a ton of reasons. Advertising online allows for a bigger result with fewer dollars spent, and the impact of a really wonderful advertising strategy can completely elevate a bottom line… unlike anything else. One of our favorite methods of advertising, PPC advertising, is a big go-to in our recommendation arsenal, and can be a great way to level up your strategy quickly. Curious? 

Here’s what you need to know about how PPC advertising works.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising or pay-per-conversion advertising, is a type of digital advertising created to get people to take an action (like clicking on your website or giving you a phone call). Unlike other types of advertising, where you pay a flat fee or something similar, you’ll only pay for PPC advertising when someone actually turns into a lead for you. 

For example, if you were running an ad geared towards getting people to register for an event, you’d only pay once the person engaging with the ad actually submitted the registration form. Essentially, you only pay once your goal is actually achieved — making it a super cost-effective, conversion-friendly way of advertising. 

The PPC advertising process

If you’re looking to increase your traffic quickly and truly decide on an effective strategy for your marketing, PPC advertising is really the way to go. PPC advertising is also a great method for making the most out of your advertising budget as a whole, and it’s especially valuable because it’s a remarkably trackable type of advertising. Wondering how PPC advertising works? The process we use at Social Xccess is super simple and impactful:

  1. The Discovery Phase: First up, you’ll want to do a deep dive into the goals you have for your advertising campaign. What’s your strategy? Do you have one? How can a PPC advertising campaign help you get there?
  2. The Action Phase: Next, you’ll want to work with a team (like ours) to take the roadmap you’ve worked for and put both strategy and budget behind it. The mission behind PPC advertising is to truly connect with the right customers and the right people, and so doubling down on data and decisions to get there is absolutely essential.
  3. Let’s Go!: Then, you’ll use the roadmap, strategy, and budget (along with design) to put your strategy into play and start generating demand and revenue. This is why we so recommend working with a marketing team like ours to really maximize your PPC advertising — as there are so many pieces, from SEO to design, that truly inform the results or the lack of them.

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