How to Increase Site Traffic Organically

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One of the very best ways to grow your business comes down to increasing your website traffic, right? Ideally, you’ll want to point as many people — and potential customers — to your website as possible, and you’ll really want to do it as organically as possible. See, digital advertising is a great and powerful strategy. However, organic traffic can be even more valuable… and create lead magnet streams without the need for huge advertising dollars.

Wondering how you can truly increase your site traffic organically? From adjusting your SEO effectiveness all the way to consistently creating (and sharing) content, here are some of our favorite tips for organically boosting traffic to your website.

1. Level up your website’s SEO

Your SEO — or search engine optimization — is exactly how you can help your business website show up higher in search results via Google or Bing. And, while there are a ton of techniques you can try to level up your SEO, a lot of them are unnecessary and complicated. Instead, stick to basic techniques to increase your SEO on your own, such as:

  • Regularly and consistently post blog or video content to your site
  • Ensure that your site is optimized for mobile
  • Update your page titles and meta descriptions to include relevant keywords
  • Do a site audit: can you find your website using the keywords you like? If not, update them
  • Increase your internal linking, and clean up unnecessary links
  • Use headers in your content

2. Share to social media platforms

One of the best ways to increase your organic website traffic comes from making sure that you’re consistently pointing people to your website — and that’s where social media can really come into play. By integrating your brand or business’s presence heavily on social media, you can organically push people to your site. Whether you use “link-in-bio” posts or share swipe-ups, use social media to your advantage.

3. Create a content strategy

To encourage people to visit your website organically, you’ll want to showcase your own expertise any chance you get — which is where a content strategy comes into play. Whether it’s by creating knowledgeable blog content or it’s by producing podcast episodes, take the time to use a content strategy that almost instantly inspires people to click on to your websites. (Psst… it’s always great to pair that content strategy with social media, too.)

At Social Xccess, we can help you increase your site traffic organically — and through paid advertisements — with strategies that make sense. Ready to increase your leads? Contact us today.

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