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15 Content Ideas for Your Business

It’s no secret that content is king these days, and for good reason! Having an effective content strategy can do fantastic things for your brand and for your business, from boosting your SEO to increasing your value to showing people that you’re an expert. However, understanding what to post and create when it comes to content is something totally different. 

With so many options and avenues to create content, it can become quickly overwhelming to come up with new ideas for your business content strategy. Today, we’re sharing 15 valuable content ideas you can create today for your business:

  1. A thought-provoking blog that plays on your expertise.
  2. Customer reviews, repurposed into social media graphics.
  3. Ask Me Anything videos on IGTV or YouTube.
  4. Go on a podcast (or record your own)!
  5. Write a case study showing how your product or service benefits others.
  6. Make a Reel or TikTok to show the behind-the-scenes of your business.
  7. Show people how to use your product or service with a How-To video or blog post.
  8. Create a weekly or monthly update newsletter.
  9. Interview an expert and show your customers and audience more value.
  10. Start a social media series where you take your audience’s input into account.
  11. Repurpose your content for social, email, video, and your site.
  12. Involve your audience and crowdsource your content!
  13. Show the history of your business with your content.
  14. Create a lead magnet to boost your email list sign ups and provide value to your customers.
  15. Share your business through images whenever possible.

By implementing a smart content strategy into your brand, you can create a business that continually provides value to your customers and attention to your mission. These 15 ideas are a great start, so challenge yourself and your business to implement each idea over the next few months. You’ll be amazed at everything from lead captures to sales — so level up today!

If you’re looking for a team to help you optimize your content strategy and scale your business, the Social Xccess team is at your side. Contact us today, and we’ll help you leverage your marketing and harness your growth.

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