Aircraft Parts Supplier Website Case Study

Miami Aircraft Parts

Learn how Social Xccess helped an online aircraft supplier scale web design and demand generation.

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Company Overview

Miami Aircraft Parts is a private aircraft parts supplier providing high-quality parts at great prices, worldwide. In addition to aircraft parts, it offers an unparalleled selection of structures, composites, avionics, hydraulics, actuators, cargo floor, APU, gears, expendables, and more. All of these are always in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. For any parts not in its inventory, the Miami Aircraft Parts team of dedicated account managers can track them down through its international supply chain network that extends across the globe.

Project Summary

Many people today seek out aircraft parts online, usually with a simple Google or Bing search. For Miami Aircraft Parts, tapping into this organic search traffic was essential to building brand awareness and increasing qualified lead conversions, especially in the United States, where competition among aircraft parts suppliers is remarkably fierce.

Miami Aircraft Parts needed a digital marketing and SEO expert to assess their existing web properties and make strategic recommendations and technical optimizations, as well as ongoing content activities, with the goal of attracting and converting more prospective customers looking to find aircraft parts through organic search and paid search channels (such as Google, Bing, and Yelp).


  1. Identify and employ online advertising and marketing strategies to maximize the brand’s web presence
  2. Help broaden awareness of the brand internationally by utilizing search engines

Project Results

The Social Xccess team performed a full website audit to identify where each page could be optimized for mobile, page speed, and search—three crucial parts of ranking well on search engines. This includes the implementation of website best practices, including on-page SEO (page title, meta descriptions, etc.), code optimization, and reducing or eliminating redirects.

Through a variety of website usability best practices, the Social Xccess team helped Miami Aircraft Parts make its site more friendly to both users and search engines. This includes the creation of search-friendly URLs (human-readable), the use of secure protocols, and ensuring that all of the company’s digital resources are properly indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

The Social Xccess content team optimized a number of landing pages for both SEO and conversion, submitted new and published blog posts and press releases to directories and the newswire for link building, and maintained a healthy cadence of new blog posts relevant to prospective customers — everything written and optimized by educated and experienced content writers and SEO specialists.

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92% Increase in Lead Conversions

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149% Increase in Website Visitors

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65% Increase in Organic Website Traffic