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How Social Xccess helped a VHS collectible store and auction house build a website and SEO strategy in 90 days

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Company Overview

From the start, the main goal of VHSDNA has been to preserve and display your treasured VHS tapes. To VHSDNA, these have always been valuable collectibles. Use of VHSDNA services, grading and authentication, ensures that the rarest and most original tapes are properly honored for posterity. After months of prototyping, VHSDNA has arrived on a design worthy of your attention.

Nested solidly, your tape will “float,” displaying the VHS sleeve art prominently behind a subtle VHSDNA log. VHSDNA is particularly proud of the aesthetic of their final case.

The VHSDNA encapsulation method goes the extra mile. A single millimeter of its acrylic would suffice to shield a VHS sleeve from damaging UV rays. When you receive your VHS, six millimeters of acrylic will protect her from the Sun and pretty much anything else in your home.


When VHSDNA first approached Social Xccess, it needed to develop a mobile-responsive website that could process grading requests and host an auction platform for rare VHS titles. The company needed to create a website where VHS tape owners could easily request grading and encapsulation of their tapes and purchase rare VHS tapes via live interactive auctions. As part of its growth strategy, VHSDNA also wanted to enhance its brand presence on search engines. To ensure they could meet their ambitious growth objectives, they needed a digital marketing agency that had extensive experience in website design and SEO for global brands.

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82% Increase in Lead Conversions

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197% Increase in Website Visitors

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165% Increase in Organic Website Traffic