Council for Inclusion in Financial Services

How Social Xccess helped a diversity and inclusion organization develop an effective marketing strategy, search engine presence, and website

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Company Overview

The primary mission of the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS) is to increase awareness within the financial services industry of the social and economic benefits of multiculturalism in employment and supplier utilization, while also launching initiatives that promote financial literacy to help all Americans understand how to grow their personal wealth.

CIFS is an advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion. It strives to engage with all sectors of financial services to cultivate an understanding and acknowledgment of how creating a more inclusive workforce, providing equal access to business opportunities, and improving financial literacy lead to business success and community well-being.


When the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services first approached Social Xccess, it needed to develop a mobile-responsive website where new members could join and webinars could be seamlessly be hosted. The organization needed to create a website where financial services professionals could easily browse resources and contact the CIFS with questions about events and member services. As part of its growth strategy, CIFS also wanted to enhance its brand presence on search engines. To ensure they could meet their ambitious growth objectives, they needed a digital marketing agency that had extensive experience in website design and SEO for national organizations for business professionals.

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60% Increase in Lead Conversions

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77% Increase in Website Visitors

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48% Increase in Organic Website Traffic