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How Social Xccess helped a national real estate services alliance scale web design, lead generation, and marketing automation for 6 brands

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Company Overview

No matter how many properties you own, VRM Real Estate Alliance (VRMREA) makes it easy to create tailor-made real estate solutions. With national coverage and decades of experience, their motto is “we are here for you, no matter where here is”.

Powered by our industry specialists and focused on data, the VRM Real Estate Alliance is addressing the unique needs of its customers. The VRMREA member brands’ award-winning customer support helps you work more intelligently and be more results-oriented, without sacrificing productivity.


When VRM Real Estate Alliance first approached Social Xccess, it needed to scale marketing up to more than 6 brands across the nation. VRMREA needed to create a “repeatable” digital platform that it could quickly implement for new brands, which the organization continues to acquire and create at a fast pace. As part of the growth strategy, Social Xccess supported the consolidation of the VRMREA member brands into a single CRM and assisted in streamlining the branding and marketing automation for all the brands. To ensure they could meet their ambitious growth objectives, they needed a digital marketing agency that had extensive experience scaling national real estate and financial services brands.

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28% Increase in Lead Conversions

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102% Increase in Website Visitors

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32% Increase in Organic Website Traffic