The 5 Things You Have to Have On Your Website

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These days, you simply can’t run a great business without a website. In the digital age we’re living in, people turn to the internet to scope out partners and learn more about businesses — and without a website, you could be missing out on valuable leads. However, there’s also another side to that same coin. While a website is great, a poorly designed site can do the opposite of what you want — which is, essentially, to grow your business. 

While we know that not every business can afford a custom design (and that’s okay!), there are some simple switches that every business can have on their site. It’s all about showcasing your expertise, focusing on clarity, and putting your customer first. Be sure to include these 5 things on your site to optimize conversions, snag more leads, and present your best business face forward.

01. Consistent, valuable content that shows your expertise.

We could go on and on about the importance of a content strategy, and that’s because it’s absolutely key to building your authority right alongside your SEO. While the easiest way to go about this would be with consistent blog content, it’s not the only way. From video content to podcasts to user-generated content, you have tons of options. If you’re not sure where to start, these 15 ideas are a great place.

02. A clear action for your customer to take next.

In some ways, you can look at your website as a digital business card — but that’s not all it is! Really, your website is supposed to push your customer to do something… which they can’t do without clear direction. From signing up for an email list to downloading a free resource to booking a call, make sure your site is written and booked in a way that motivates the visitor to take action. After all, that’s how you truly warm up leads… and then convert them.

03. Easy-to-find (and up-to-date!) contact information.

So, how many times have you looked at a website for someone you’ve thought about working with… only to realize that you can’t find an efficient way to contact them? We’d bet you probably have — and there’s nothing quite as irritating, huh? If your potential customer or client can’t find out how to get in touch with you, they’ll move to the next option ASAP. Make sure that you embed your contact information in calls to actions and banners across the site, and keep a dedicated contact page as well.

04. A strong value proposition.

You’re in business because you’re really, really great and passionate about what you bring to the table — which brings up a question you need to ask yourself. Is your value and your job super, super obvious to your potential clients? If it isn’t, it needs to be. Whether you clean up your copy, hire a brand strategist, or determine a brand vision and mission statement, take the time to make your value proposition really clear. By doing that, you’ll attract the right clients and book the right business.

05. Responsive, customer-facing design.

You’ve definitely clicked around on business sites in the past that were difficult (and annoying) to navigate — and, most likely, it’s at least slightly disenchanted your view of the business. Your goal? To make sure that the people clicking on your site never feel like that. We are fans of custom website builds, but that isn’t necessarily a must-have… especially early on in your business. Instead, choose customer-facing templates and smart, simple design that gives your customers a great experience.

At Social Xccess, one of our biggest missions is to help our clients reach and connect with their customers — which is where killer site and SEO optimization comes into play. If you’re looking to level up your strategy, we’re the team for you. From our blog to our 1:1 services, we have you covered. Look around today.

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